Thursday, March 01, 2007


Casey called us today with some wonderful news!

The bank has accepted an offer ~ and he has qualified
for his very first home here in Las Vegas... well, actually Henderson.

If all goes well, he will officially be a homeowner on March 30th.

He deserves this so much, he has worked so hard! He started working when he was 15 years old.
While attending college, he worked a full time job. He graduated from UNLV last December with a degree in Criminal Justice.

He has been a "saver" his whole life and is very responsible with his money.

All of his hard work and dedication has paid off and now my first baby will be a homeowner!!

I am so proud of him.


yerdoingitwrong said...

oh wow. Good for your boy!!! That's a tremendous accomplishment at such a young age.

You have gorgeous children, btw!

Auntie Kim said...

Congratulations, Casey!!! It's a great house!

Nancy said...

congratulations Casey! That really is a great accomplishment!

So what is Casey going to do with his Criminal Justice degree? My hubby has a degree in that same field and he's an officer (has been for many years)... but I know there are a lot of other opportunities out there.

Terri, you must be soooo proud! :-)

Anonymous said...

That is NOT your son. You are way too young to have a son that is a college graduate and a homeowner...No way. I don't believe it at all..

If that is your son and not your brother...A) I can NOT believe how gorgeously young you are and B) congratulations to you for such a fantastic young man!!!

Sarah said...

WOW - Congratulations!

Grandma W said...

Casey, I am so proud of you I could burst!!!

All those years of hard work and saving have paid off for you. I know how "adult" your thinking is about money and other important decisions and choices in life. You are "just like your mother" when it comes to managing money and your choices. You couldn't have picked a "better" role model.

Your love for your little brother is also commendable. Matthew so loves his big brother and what a wonderful role model you are for him as well.

I can remember you at Matthew's age running around slinging pizza everywhere with you mommy in hot pursuit. ha ha

Congratulations to you and Joel on yet another meaningful accomplishment in your young lives.
Love you both, grandma wright

Denise said...

this simply does not surprise me!! Casey is such a fabulous young man, and i know will go far in whatever he decides to do. its always been like that for Casey. Terri, i know you are proud of Casey, however, do take some bows yourself for raising (alone mostly)such a fine man. maybe i should have had you teach me your saving ways when we were roomies!!

anyway, Casey, WELL DONE!!!! and enjoy your new home soon!!!!!

Terri said...
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Terri said...

Thank you everybunny!!

I am just so excited, I could throw up!!

I know I wasn't a perfect mom by any means!! But ONE of the things that was so important to me .. was teaching him about saving and living within his means! NO DEBT!!

And...this kid paid for 2/3 of his 1st car ...

2/3 of 4 years of college all himself.... with his savings...

but he did get a NV Mellenium Scholarship and the last year of college he got some kind of Indian/Eskimo affair grant.....
that was pretty great...

i'm_inspired said...

I don't know exactly what one does with a degree in Criminal Justice but I'm sure we need one in Munday, Texas!

Why live in a dull, boring place such as Las Vegas when you can live in an exciting, progressive community of 1563 population?

Come on down, Casey!!

Grandma Sue said...

Congratulations Casey. I'm so glad you learned to be a saver like your Mom. Fortunately Michael learned from his Grandma Dunphy. I know how proud your Mom has always been of you and this is just one more accomplishment in your young life. Your little brother will always look up to you. Enjoy your new home. I hope to see it when I come to visit.

Love, Susan King

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I hope I can teach Liam the same principles you've taught Casey! So wonderful!

Richie Williams said...

Hey Casey, congratulations on the degree in Criminal Justice. Lots of hard work I can imagine. Good things happen to all those who can wait. Patience pays off. Bye for now.