Monday, March 26, 2007

Not so good weekend for Matthew :-(

This was a tough weekend for Matthew ... (and me) I hate to say.

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Starting on Friday while driving to Beaver, he started gagging and retching all over again.

It was like this all weekend long ~ he simply acts like he feels miserable. We checked his SAT's and he did not/does not have a fever. Funny thing, we were just at the G.I. doc on Thursday!! ... so, go figure. He's retching just like he had in the past.... it's like he's not taking this new drug at all. Very very frustrating and disappointing. He's quite whiney and cries a lot.

I am waiting for 9 o'clock to get here so I can put a call in to Dr. Baron.
Matthew has not poo'd for a couple days We have read thru a couple of the papers that they give you w/ your prescription... all of the drugs he is taking can cause all kinds of unpleasant side effects. We're not sure if it's the new antibiotic he's on.....I sure wish he could talk.

I'm sure Mike will update the blog w/ some cute pics we took. He and Daniel planted 60 trees on the property.


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What a sad few days. I hope the dr can give Matthew some releif today.

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

I hope he's feeling better...How is he now???

Terri said...

We're happy that he poo'd (it's all reddish b/c of the antibiotics) ... but he's still retching, it's 1:30pm and waiting for a call back from Dr.
I just heard from another mom of a "retcher" and she said antibiotics made her baby sick ...
so... hopefully that's all it is.

Grandma W said...

Hopefully now that the lower half of "his" problem is fixed, the upper portion will fall into line. "Poo Poo" rolls downhill they say. hummmmmm

I saw Matthew this morning and he was all out of sorts and "that" is NOT Matthew. His little eyes had no sparkle and he appeared so uncomfortable in any position. Once Baby Einstein was turned on, he perked right up. By the time I left, we had walked a half block and he was back to running around. I think that walk got his intestines moving. Sitting for long periods is hard on both the young and the old. Hey, whatever it takes. Ha Ha

I'm not one on colors but consistency. Red is good when you on antibiotics and the consistency is good, I guess.

Richie Williams said...

So sorry to hear about the latest round of stuggles that our young hero has been going through. What a shame. Who wouldn't feel out of sorts when so many things have gone wrong. However, he will respond I'm sure and get back to hugging and kissing that pooch buddy of his. God Bless him, his parents and friends too.

Mandi Z. said...

Poor little man! (Hang in all of you). What we do know is he's definitely a fighter & he will surely get through this as well. Love & Prayers your way...mand


So sorry Matthew isn't feeling well! I hope the doctor was of some help to you today. I hope this week will be better than the weekend was!

Grandma Sue said...

After his last trip to Beaver when things went so well, I'm sure this was hard on all of you, especially Matthew. I'm so glad that Grandma Wright took him for a walk which made him feel better. It breaks my heart to see him having to go through so much. I'm hoping the doctor called you back today and can help Matthew through this bad period. I'm praying hard and know with the help of God, this too will pass.

I love you. Grandma Sue

yerdoingitwrong said...

Oh honey. Thinking of you. And I hope your little man is feeling better. I'm behind on my blog reading and I felt so badly for you when I read this!!!

Grandma W said...

To make a long story even longer.... Dr. Baron (GI) NEVER DID call Terri back. Grrrrrrrr.

When we were at the Respiratory Specialist, however, Ryan did tell mommy to call "them" next time Matthew was out of sorts like that and she could not capture the attention of the GI Specialists. It's not their field; but they are certainly qualified to give good medical advice to alleviate the worry. Dr. Nakumura's office staff "are the best". They all come into the room to say Hi. They gave him a brand new bright red "Dino" the dynosaur beany baby. Remember what I said about the front desk and staff making the doctor approachable? Well it's the truth!!!!!! Love my sweet little Matthew.

Terri and Michael go before the Legislators on 4/4/07 to win relief for all those who do not have health insurance because of one circumstance or another. Pray for their success! Love you all, grandma wright