Friday, March 16, 2007

One Year Anniversary

It was one year ago today that Matthew had his second open heart surgery up at LPCH @ Stanford.
He did much better after this surgery ... we were in and out of hospital in 8 days.
Here is a pic of Matthew's pediatric heart surgeon Dr. Frank Hanley and I after his surgery.

It's been a great year of no more oxygen 24/7!! After this surgery, he came off a lot of his meds, too.


Anonymous said...

Its just awesome to see Matthew doing so well. I hate seeing the pictures of when he was in the hospital, it makes me cry. I am just so happy that he is growing and doing what all toddlers do (GET INTO EVERYTHING.
Love you guys

yerdoingitwrong said...

You go Matthew!!! What an inspiration you are.

Hugs and kisses to you from Seattle!

Wyndi said...

Go Matthew!!!! 8 days!! and now a year of growth and toddling!! Congrats all of you!! you have worked so hard to help him grow and recover and now chase him around! what a wonderful family! He is so handsome!!

Grandma Sue said...

I looked at my calendar today and realized it has been a year since his surgery. I remember how wonderful it was to walk around the hospital saying goodbye to all the nurses and doctors (your friends, by now) and how happy everyone was to see Matthew doing so well. In the past year, it is like a miracle to see how wonderful he is doing and watching all the antics on the Blog. He gets more precious with every day that passes. Michael & Terri deserve the Parents of the Year award for sure. You have made Matthew such a happy, loving little boy.

I love you all so much.

Grandma Sue

Grandma W said...

I second Grandma Susan's remark about Terri and Michael being Parents of the year.

Matthew's recovery has not been a breeze. Mom and dad faithfully administered all his meds each day, made sure he got the nourishment he needed in a day's time.

That is not an easy task either because he takes his food through a Mickey Button. You just can't put him in his highchair and expect his food to disappear in a "normal" fashion. For Matthew, it would all end up on the floor.

Matthew has started to drink from his bottle now. He is so adorable. He will pick up his bottle and walk over, sit in my lap and drink. He likes drinking water as much as he does his formula.

The only "hangover" from all those surgeries is the "oral aversion". He puts "nothing" in his mouth. There is no tricking Matthew. He is a little boy who knows what he wants. I can see that strong determination that helped bring him through all this. Not to mention that strong pride in everything that he does. It is that self confidence that has carried him through his ordeal.

Don't ever forget, he will have many more surgeries to come. All his assests will make him a strong young man. If "love" for Matthew has any worth, our love for Matthew will pick up any of the slack. Ha Ha

I love you sweet baby. I am so proud of you cheerful disposition. Love will keep us together! grandma wright

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Oh yes... hopefully we can keep him drinking from his bottle.. he always does when he's on steroids.. the real test is after the steroids!!

Parents of the Year... hum....
I'd take it!! Only after you two!! You raised us!

Thanks Mom and Mom!!!!

Anonymous said...

That strong determination that was talked about in an above remark is so true - one thing these heart kids have in common is a "strong determination" thank God for giving them that! Happy 1 year 2nd OHS post op anniversary!