Friday, May 15, 2009

Picture taken within the last hour. They've started Magoo on oxygen. The IV was started a few hours ago. He was such a trooper (besides the wonderful nurse who got in the vein in first stick). He's already had a heart ultrasound and ruled out any cardiac problems related to this illness.


Vanessa said...

Poor guy. I know being in the hospital just stinks. At least he has a wonderful supportive family with him.

Arianna goes nuts on the steroids, jumping all over the place and can't sleep. I hope he starts feeling better soon.

I'm glad to hear there is nothing cardiac related. Thats a HUGE relief!

Has he ever had this before? Last January Arianna went into respiratory distress at home and we rushed her to the ER where she was immediatly put on oxygen. We spent 1 week in the hospital and she was ruled out for pneumonia and aspiration. She came home on oxygen and a few months later they did a CT scan and said she had lung disease. That's all we really know and any time she gets a respiratory illness she needs oxygen off and on. Sorry for being so longwinded, I just wanted to let you know what happened with us.

Take care,

Grandma W said...

I waited outside the room for the IV port placement into his left hand. I did not hear one peep out of him "until" I walked into the room and he saw me among all five nurses. The nurses just love him because he doesn't fight them. His life has been full of sticks and pricks and tubes. Magoo is just so special and I love him so much.