Thursday, May 28, 2009

Almost finished w/ the steroids. THANK GOD.

We are almost done with the steroids. Poor Matthew is like a little Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde!


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...


Grandma Sue said...

I can't imagine how he must feel taking that awful medicine. He just wants to play and be happy and instead it makes him so upset. The real Matthew has a wonderful smile that warms your heart. He wants to help Daddy build the cabin and be good for Mommy. I hope it wears off really soon after he has finished in three days.

Take care Matthew and get well soon. I love you so much.

Grandma Sue

Vanessa said...

YAY! Arianna is a monster when on that stuff.

Anonymous said...

aaaw poor little magoo!! that is so sad to see his frustration and misery!!

major soft gentle love you hugs....poor little dude!!

and to mommy and daddy huge hugs as well!!! hang on....nearly done!

love you all, antinesi

The Domanico's said...

Glad to see an update from you-we've been worried! Hoping Matthew is happy again really soon.

Grandma W said...

Hang in there, Matthew. Good days are ahead. I hate to see you so unhappy and hurting. Little by little I see our little Magoo emerging from this funk that steroids put you into. Love you little man.