Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not a good night last night for Matt and Mike

Mike just text'd me, he'd be surprised if Matt got to go home today, had a hard time keeping SAT's up even on 3 liters. Matt didn't sleep well and neither did Mike.

They repositioned Matthew, sucked out his nose, changed sensor and gave him extra treatments and CPT... still didn't help.

That worries me.


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Since we have a hospital grade SAT monitor and we'll be coming home with an oxygen concentrator... we are going to vigorously request that he still get to come home.

Grandma W said...

For three weeks Terri did all the right things while Matthew was very sick. I am sure she can give him great treatment at home.

The foster child will be staying with Gwenna on a permanent basis, so Matthew will have his mother's undivided attention.

Last night certainly did not produce good results. Praying extra hard for Matthew. He is such a sweet heart.

The Domanico's said...

I hope you are able to bring Matthew home very soon. Being a heart mom for 4 years is the closest thing to being a nurse!!

Sending hugs...

Anonymous said...

Matthew is in my thoughts and prayers.

Jasmin Calderon

Grandma Sue said...

My prayers are with Terri, Michael and Matthew today and always. Both Michael & Terri have given Matthew absolutely wonderful care and undivided attention since the day he was born. I saw the closness each has with their little Braveheart. He definitely receives special care at home and that is certainly going to bring him to good health soon. I hope you all get much needed rest and that Matthew will be up and running around soon.

I love you. Grandma Sue