Monday, May 18, 2009

Here it is... the shot we all dread in the hospital gown

Ah yes, we all know and dread this hospital gown and the walk around the halls. Matthew had the advantage of a diaper, however :)
He took a few more strolls around the halls today. His oxygen levels drop when he sleeps and he was back up to 2.5 liters when I left tonight. He is scheduled to be released tomorrow morning, but on oxygen support at home.
Daddy is on his way back to the hospital to do another sleep over with Matthew. Luckily, there is always at least one parent with him at any given time. Terri will head home and get some much needed rest.


Kathy said...

Do you want me to make you some cute heart stickers for his face???
Poor little thing...I know he can't stand to be tied down with that canula!
BUT...I have an idea. You can put a small canister in his baby carriage...and he can walk where ever he wants!!!

Call me once things settle down so that I can see you...or bring you anything...or just stop by for a hug!!!

Nancy said...

I'm sorry that I didn't realize that Matthew was in the hospital. We have been very sick too and I apologize for not sending some love sooner! It's been a very rough spring for a lot of people. I sure how that Matthew (and Teri) feel better soon!... and get plenty of rest!

Thank you for sharing such a cute picture of the gown open in the back... thank goodness for diapers, eh?


Nancy said...

I meant to type" I sure HOPE that Matthew (and Teri) feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

thank you kim for keeping us updated while mom and dad are busy. it is so important for the rest of us to have some news...we get all worried along with you all!!

many hugs all around!!!!!


Grandma W said...

I am sad to read about Matthew having a bad night. He was really in a good mood and chipper all day yesterday. He loves his walks and I think all the attention. I can't believe it still that he doesn't try to get out of bed.

Grandma Sue said...

I too want to thank Kim for keeping the blog updated. Terri & Michael know how much we all love Matthew and them also. I'm sure from past experience, the hospital knows when they release Matthew, he will have wonderful care at home. I hope he doesn't have to be on oxygen for too long, but whatever it takes to get him well is what they will do.

God Bless you Matthew, Michael & Terri. I love you all so much.

Grandma Sue

P.S. I love the hospital gown pictures also.