Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just got home from hospital. Mike just got off work and he'll be staying overnight w/ Magoo.

Dr. Nakamura (the pediatric pulmonologist) came in at 1am this morning, 3pm this afternoon and he was there again at 10pm tonight!! He is one of the hardest working doctors I've ever seen.

He said that it will most likely be a couple more days before Matthew can come home ~ and he might come home on oxygen. He is still very wheezy, junky in the lungs ~ his SAT's keep dipping into the 80's when he dozes off. He just doesn't feel good, you can see it in his little eyes.

My friend Gwenna text'd me tonight and said our foster baby had a 101 fever today... He is already on antibiotics, so I don't know what's up w/ that. She is giving him Tylenol and hoping he gets better.


Grandma W said...

Gwenna is a life saver for Matthew as well. That's all Matthew needed was to pile another illness from this foster child on him. I think he has done significant damage with this hospital stay. I only wish Michael had listened to Terri at the beginning. Oh well, such is life.

Andrea W. said...

Oh Terri, I'm glad Matthew is being so well taken care of. How are you and Mike doing? You must be just absolutely physically, mentally and emotionally drained!!!! Now the baby too, oh dear. Things seem to pile on sometimes don't they? We have really been thinking and praying for you all. I love all the pictures of your brave little Magoo.

Grandma Sue said...

Dr. Nakamura is truly a caring, dedicated pediatric doctor. To visit Matthew 3 times in one day is a perfect example of that. It is really wonderful that he has been Matthew's doctor from the beginning and knows him so well.

I'm glad Michael is able to spend the night with Matthew. When he wakes up he always knows that Terri and/or Michael will be there.

I'm sorry to hear that Jayden is also running a high temperature. Hopefully he will be well soon also. Thanks to Gwenna and her family for caring for him during this difficult time.

God Bless them both and Terri & Michael also as they must be totally exhausted.

Love and prayers to all of you.

Grandma Sue