Sunday, May 17, 2009

Even the lion needed a breathing treatment today

His respiratory therapist brought him this lion today. Matthew was happy giving him breathing treatments. Dr. Tenby stopped by later and showed Matthew how the lion should cough after the treatments.


Grandma Sue said...

Oh what a doll he is and how cute to see him giving the lion a breathing treatment. Matthew is so good and always has a smile. It was tough seeing how the steroids affected him. I hope all the treatments work and he is out of the hospital soon. I just wish I was still there to visit him.

I love you Matthew.

Grandma Sue

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Oh my heck it was funny when Dr. Tenby did that w/ the Lion... LOL..

he made the puffing sounds.... the inhaling sounds... and the coughing sounds...
I cracked up.

Grandma W said...

Matthew takes very good care of his stuffed friends. He gives then breathing treatment and medicine. He has made the best of this hospital stay. They all love him.