Friday, February 16, 2007

Quick Baby Surgery Update

Josh called us this morning and so far ... everything is going great w/ Lincoln's heart transplant. They are thrilled and for the first time in his life they saw 100% oxygen saturation levels. He's doing very well ~ but, the next couple days are critical. They are forever grateful to he donor family and are keeping them in their thoughts and prayers. What an amazing family the donor family is. They have given the ultimate gift of life.

Lisa called this morning and this afternoon to give me updates on Mason. The surgery went well and Mason is doing good. His chest will remain open for a day or so until the swelling goes down. The next 24 hours are also critical. It is always a stressful time for us parents when they close the chest back up. Matthew's chest remained open for four days and he experienced a bit of difficutly, but then again... Matthew's lungs were so badly damaged.

I will allow you to go the their blogs for further updates. The links are below.

Thank you so much for all your concern and prayers. That is all we "heart parents" can ask for!!

The Carter's and Manning's are humbled by all the well wishes!


Nancy said...

Thank you for the update on those precious babies. They are in my thoughts and prayers. I was telling Karl about them today and he teared up right along with me. We understand what emotions those parents must be going through and our hearts go out to them.

slackermommy said...

That's great news! They are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I just said another prayer for them. What incredible strength. I know it's not by choice, but still....they're tough, and so are you guys.

This thing isn't letting me comment under my own name. :(


Terri said...

why not??? that's weird???

Terri said...

Spoke w/ Lisa today..
apparently Mason did sooo good during the surgery, that they were able to close his chest right away... so, she was pleasantly surprised to see that his chest was closed...