Sunday, February 04, 2007

Home Improvement

Matthew couldn't wait to help me hang Amy's new birdie-perch. We took a severe detour when the tape measure came out.


Terri said...

Daddy's little helper!!

"Tool Time Matthew" at work....

I love the one of him holding up the tape measurer in awe!

I love the new bird perch that Mike built... took about 5 or 6 Saturday's (I would guess about 40 hours) in the workshop to build that....

Grandma Wright said...

I wonder "how" the tape measure got broken. Hummmmmm? Matthew did look like he tried to tie it together at one point. Ha Ha

There is no doubt our man on the scene was eager to help daddy. With an entire house full of toys, daddy's tools are the most fun of all.

Amy appeared very happy today while jabbering and singing on her new perch. Matthew can no longer take her old perch on wheels and slam it into the wall.(ouch) Amy can breath a sigh of relief now that she is safely on a stable perch away from little hands.

The days of doing things "alone" are over, dad. It's team work all the way. So what if it takes you twice as long. Remember, "patience" is a virtue! Love you guys, grandma wright

Auntie Kim said...

Love these pictures!!! Love that little Magoo!!!!

It won't be long and we'll see Matthew wearing his tool belt and safety goggles working side-by-side with Dad in the workshot Dad built in the garage.

Grandma Sue said...

What a great job, and Daddy's little helper really added that special touch. I just LOVE this! I'm so happy to see your son taking after you and liking to do things around the house.

I bet Mommy is thrilled to have her two guys doing great work.

I love you all. Mom (Grandma Sue)

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Tape measures are a fave at our house too! Even the kitties love it!

Great looking perch!

Denise said...

Soooooooo precious!! Great job done by the King men!!!

Love you Magoo!!!!!!!!!!