Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Head Above the Rest

Raising Matthew over my head is a surefire way of making him smile. In this montage, Terri snapped a picture every time I launched him up in the air.


Terri said...

I wish the slideshow came w/ the adorable little giggles and squeals he makes when he's being launched!

Grandma Wright said...

I love each and every one of these pictures. Matthew is all boy and going through a "fearless stage". Of course, the fact that he trusts his daddy, so it never occurs to him, he is in any danger.

Mommy is right, when Matthew enjoys himself it is written all over his face and the vocal sounds are enough to make you laugh.

Isn't it wonderful to see this little boy having such a fun time. Now this is what his life should be all about.

Matthew, you are a joy! grandma wright

Grandma Sue said...

Oh my gosh, this one is magical. How are you able to do all of these Michael. He is just so happy to have his mommy and daddy always playing with him and the giggles just come naturally. I love the way the little sparkles just see to shine on his adorable face. This is very precious. I know I'm just oohing and ahhing (however you spell those), but I just keep watching it over and over again. I'm not sure whether to cry or laugh. I guess I'll just do both. I love him so much and Michael & Terri also.

Mom (Grandma Sue)

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What a creative idea for a photo shoot! What a darling boy! Don't you just love to make him smile and giggle!?

Denise said...

the joy in his face, one can HEAR the rest ...fabulous!!!

precious boy, you are such a joy to so many!!!