Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Endoscopy scheduled

Funny, the billing department of the hospital called us today
to confirm all of our insurance information for Matthew's
Monday, February 19th Endoscopy.

We didn't even know that one was scheduled. :-/

I'll be calling Dr. Baron tomorrow to find out the results
of Matthew's gastric emptying test.
I am hoping to find out the time of his procedure Monday.


Terri said...
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Grandma Wright said...

Dr. Baron is certainly a man of his word. I am really impressed with his method of approach and all in a timely manner.

The endoscopy won't be bad at all, little Matthew. You'll just snooze right through it..... grandma wright

Terri said...
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Izabell said...

we can see your posts:) i hope his endoscopy goes well and that one of these test can answer some questions and help himfeel better soon. wishing for goods things and results only:) good thing they calle dto check, now you know to be there, we had some apt go without knowing about them and waitng for them can be stressfull at least the wait is nearly over by the time he heard about the apt:)

Grandma Sue said...

I hope the test results were good for the gastric emptying test and I'm glad Matthew will be able to sleep during the Endoscopy. I'll be anxious to hear all the test results.

I love you all so much and hope to see you really soon.

Love, Grandma Sue

Terri said...

We will post tomorrow...
but his emptying test came out normal...
so... like Mike and I have been thinking... it's something in his esophagus...or it's his fundo??
(something about scar tissue?)

Well... hopefully the mystery will be solved on Monday!

Grandma Wright said...

This is wonderful news that Matthew's stomach emptying test was "normal". That is yet another "worry" eliminated. Now for the endoscopy that will give Dr. Baron a one on one look at the upper GI tract. Love you my perfect little hero! grandma wright