Friday, February 16, 2007

Matthew's test results

Dr. Baron, Matthew's GI specialist called yesterday afternoon... his gastric
emptying study was normal. YAY!

We will be going Monday morning to the hospital for an endoscopy ~ they will
put him "under" for that. Thank God they will put him to sleep BEFORE the
IV is placed. Whew, that's a relief for me ~ I stress about that.

Today is such a big day for our dear friends w/ cardiac babies. Lincoln just
had a heart transplant last night... came out at 3:30 am this morning... Mason
went in first thing this morning for his heart repair. I have posted about both
of them below. Links are provided.

I will be busy praying for these little guys. Thank you for
your prayers.


Terri said...

Just talked to Dr. Baron's office...
we have to be at Sunrise Hospital at 6am on Monday ... his procedure is at 8am..

Hopefully this will be it! I would like to be done with tests for a while!

The Brian said...

I'm confused. What is the issue then if the gastric emptying study came back normal... or is that why he needs the endoscopy?

/ easily confused by medical terminology

happy healy vibes for Lincoln and Mason too

Terri said...

Matthew has had a horrible retching problem since Oct. 2005 ... he can't tolerate more than about 3 oz of Pediasure at a time.... 2 oz is great... 3 oz is iffy and 4 oz ... oh boy...
he retches horribly and turns purple... it is quite disturbing to watch ... and it's hard on Matthew....(can't even go there about his specialist that knew all this)

so the new specialist we see thinks something is going on down his esosphagus or around the fundoplication .... a spot before it gets to his stomach....

Hopefully we'll have answers on Monday!

Terri said...

Oh and..
the endoscopy is where they go down his throat w/ a scope to take a look see and can take biopsies ... and I guess they can even go into his stomach to take biopsies...

Terri said...
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Denise said...

oh my precious boy, you are so brave!!! but what a fatastic thing, that they can look into your tummy to see what the heck makes you wretch so hard...poor darlin.....BUT, one day you will be beyond all this medicalness, and eating food and tasting it and LOVING it!!!

many prayers out to all your heart buds magoo!!!!! more special babies!!!

Nancy said...

I'm so glad that Matthew's gastric emptying test came back normal! YAY!

When Jessica had her endoscopy this last Dec, they were able to go down the esophagus, into the stomach and even into the upper intestine and look and take biopsies at each stage. Her anatomy looked normal and all biopsies came back normal too. She does have a pretty bad case of gastritis and "ulcerations everywhere". They told us that the cause was most likely from hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Discouraging - but she's been taking a new medication (carafate) and it seems to be helping - at least most of the time. The whole procedure only took 15 minutes once she was "out". It was a much easier procedure than I expected. I was so nervous about it.

I'm sure Matthew will continue to be the champ that he is and will do well for the endoscopy. I hope they can find out what the problem is and fix it easily.

Grandma Sue said...

I'm so glad the procedure went well and had good results. I'll be anxious to hear about the endoscopy. He is just such an active little boy and I'm hoping that they can find what is causing the retching and get it fixed.

I understands that he gets so excited when anyone comes to the door and I can't wait to be the one knocking on the door and seeing that darling face.

I am also praying for the two wondeful families waiting for their little ones to get well and be out of the hospital. It would be wonderful to have all three boys get together some day for a great celebration. Thank you once again Dr. Hanley for your miracles.

Love, Grandma Sue

Anonymous said...

Yes! Good news for Matthew! I hope all goes well Monday!