Monday, February 19, 2007

Endoscopy update

All went well today... in fact it couldn't have gone better. Matthew was a champ as always.
Mike will be posting pictures tomorrow. We took quite a few.

Dr. Baron was able to take a few pictures of his esophagus, inside his tummy,
the beginning of his intestines and the fundoplication. He said all looked normal.. except, the bottom of his esophagus is inflamed a bit. He took four biopsies of different areas and we will get the results when we go to our appointment this Thursday. After we find the results, it sounds like we'll be putting Matthew on a drug called Baclofen... apparently it helps w/ spasms. I know another family in LV of a cardiac baby that used to retch ~ he was put on Baclafen and quit retching.
Our previous specialist wasn't interested in trying Baclofen.. I guess it's fairly new to the "world of retching kiddo's" ... this drug is typically used for kids that have spasms related to cerebal palsy. Don't worry.. Matthew does not have cerebal palsy.

We are anxious to try it and see what happens. Our friends swear by it.

So far, his retching remains a mystery!


slackermommy said...

So glad it went well. I was thinking about you all day.

Grandma Sue said...

Thank God the procedure went well and there is a medicine that will help with the retching. I'm so glad you found a new specialist.

It just gets better and better for our little braveheart, as well it should. He deserves nothing but fun and happiness and so do Mommy & Daddy. I love you with all my heart.

Grandma Sue

Nancy said...

I'm so happy to hear that everything went so well. Matthew is such a great kid. And how nice that you have another family who have dealt with the same retching issues. I'm sure they are a great support to you. Hopefully the Baclafen will work for Matthew too.


The Brian said...

Good luck! I hope this gets resolved soon for the kiddo.

Grandma Wright said...

I'm excited about Thursday's doctor's visit with Dr. Baron. This will be a big step in Matthew's young life if this new medication stops his retching. You have to observe Matthew's struggle when he goes through these bouts to truly appreciate how important this will be for him to "stop".

Matthew is my little hero and has gone through tests better than some adults.
It is great to hear that so far, everything is normal. Normal is Good! Love you sweet baby, grandma wright

Sarah said...

Glad to hear that the appt. went well and that there is a medicine that could help!

Flawed & Disorderly said...

Thank God! I'm so happy to hear things are basically normal. I'm so happy that your poor baby won't have to suffer with retching anymore!!! And I'm SO happy that it was fast and relatively painless. Another one behind you. I'm so happy progress continues to be made for your sweet little man! Hugs!