Sunday, December 24, 2006

With all of Matthew's doctor appointments, this is as far as we got with the inside decorations this year. Terri took this picture of the would-be tree corner so we all could have a laugh.


Grandma W said...

This is a great idea for keeping Matthew from climbing the tree. Who needs a tree to light up a room when you have Matthew around. He is "the" bright and shining star that "leads our way". Merry Christmas King Trio! grandma w

Anonymous said...

all of the Christmas decoration totes and the tree did make it out of the attic and to the entry way.
It sat there waiting for a couple weeks..... We had the best intentions... but... we didn't have the time or the energy.
The tree box made it's way to the corner in the living room ... and I couldn't resist taking the picture... proof that we were trying to do it! NEXT YEAR WE'RE PUTTING OUR TREE UP RIGHT AFTER THANKSGIVING!! We are also hoping for a lot less doctor appointments and tests for Matthew.

We had fun opening gifts over at Keith's... they had a beautiful tree!