Monday, December 25, 2006

No one could get over how much Dillon has grown...


Anonymous said...

Yep... a full fledged teenager now..
Even spent forever on the phone w/ his girlfriend in Texas!! Just like a teenager!

Grandma W said...

This handsome young Texan is my "sixth" grandchild and "fourth" in the line of grandsons.

I could not be more proud of this young gentleman. He was a young boy when I first met and was impressed with Dillon. When I say he is a gentleman, I mean a perfect Southern gentleman. He plays football for his highschool and is taller than his mom already.

Dillon may live in Texas; but is every bit a part of our family as those living here. We are all so happy he chose to be with us and not his girlfiend for Christmas. Maybe next year he can bring her along. We are an expandable family that will never be maxed out on loved one. Love you, Dillon. grandma w