Monday, December 11, 2006

I have a limited amount of baby experience to draw from but Mommy & Grandma Wright both agree that Matthew is an especially happy baby. He really is a pleasure to be around. Uncle Keith was commenting to a co-worker on Saturday that Matthew is a joy to have over on football Sundays. I often wonder if his rough beginnings have given him perspective.


Grandma Sue said...

Look at that face. What a doll. I hope he can always be this happy and bring such joy to so many people. I don't get to see him often, but he is in my heart and on my mind daily. I love him so much and he brings back the wonderful memories of Michael when he was little. God bless you Matthew and I'm praying hard that all your test go well.

Grandma Sue

Grandma W said...

Grandma Wright came from a family where there were lots of babies, and had four herself. Being the second oldest of a large family I had an opportunity to encounter may personalities starting from infancy. I can say with fair judgement that Matthew has the "Best" disposition for a child his age that I have ever encountered. There is no doubt that Matthew's rough beginnings plays a part in his acceptance and tolerance the way steel is molded into beautiful art by fire. The valley of tears can do the same thing for people. It forges an inner emotional strength that I call "emotional muscle". Matthew is grandma's little hero and always will be. Love you sweet baby! grandma w

Denise said...

what they said again!! you are a hero to many darlin boy.....your srength is amazing all of us!

what a great picture!!!