Monday, December 25, 2006

After all of his running around, Grandma Wright rocked Matthew to sleep in the old, faithful, rocking chair.


Anonymous said...

Yep, the same rocking chair she rocked all four of us kids to sleep when we were babies...
and the same chair my grandpa Davenport was rocked to sleep w/ back in Aurora, Illionis.

Grandma W said...

Last, but not, least, was my finest hour rocking precious little Matthew to sleep. He looked up and smiled at me and went sound to sleep. Matthew loves to rock and the sounds of this old family rocking chair almost puts the person rocking the child to sleep. The chair lets you know that it is old as it creaks along; but is trustworthy, enough for the child. Once Matthew fell fast asleep Uncle Keith layed him down for a long nap. Matthew must have walked 20 miles around the house prior.

We all were able to eat from our own plates and did not have to put them down for another to pick up. We're casual about our drinks; but pretty stingy with our food. Ha Ha

This concludes my contribution to the Christmas legacy of 2006. Thank you all for joining us. We loved having you share our happiness and hope your Christmas was equally as blessed and joyful. Merry Christmas