Friday, December 01, 2006

Medically, December will be a very busy month for Matthew. He is scheduled for a CT scan of his heart, an MRI on his brain, and a kidney reflux test. Depending on the results, he could be headed for another surgery. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as they have always worked in the past.


Grandma W said...

What an "awesome" picture of this beautifuly little soul. This precious little boy has faced many obstacles and will face the coming month of December with the same courage and strength. Matthew can count on his Prayer Warriors the same as he can count on God's angels to safely carry him through the tests that are ahead. I know that God will hold Matthew close to His own heart. I love this little boy more than anyone will ever know. Grandma will always be by his side this month for reassurance for mommy and daddy. I love the King Trio with all my heart. grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

This picture is so precious. I will hope and pray with all my heart that all his tests will come out well and that he won't have to endure any surgeries so soon. He is so happy all the time and deserves to be.

I love you so much Matthew.

Grandma Sue