Monday, December 11, 2006


Grandma Sue said...

Hi Happy Matthew. You are the cutest and Grandma Sue loves you more than you know. I can't wait until I can spend lots of time with you.

Keep Smiling. Love, Grandma Sue

Grandma W said...

This is one of Matthew's typical sweet smiles that pierces the heart and plays on the heart strings. While playing with him, he will turn and give me one of his "special" smiles which tells me he is "happy" I am there with him. Time spent with Matthew goes by very quickly and it is difficult to pull myself away from this jovial little boy and go home. I get this same smile when I arrive and he seems sad when I leave. I hope I can always make a difference in his life and will always have Matthew's seal of approval through life. It is so important to me. Love you sweet baby! grandms w