Friday, December 29, 2006

"Oh, you mean I'm supposed to eat this stuff? I thought it was a facial decoration."


Grandma W said...

What a little "faker". Now we all know that "solid" food does not hurt him. I think Matthew is overacting a little....... don't you. I even think I see a little smile under all that food. LOL Love you sweet baby, grandma w

The Special Zipper said...

There is actually a study out of Austria I think that says a large proportion of babies that are either premature or have traumatic surgery shortly after birth, will have a feeding aversion. I haven't got back to the site but was sent a link by a reader of my blog some time back.

Our son Connor has the same issues (as Terri and Mike know) however he is a couple of years ahead. We were always told to try not to stress about the whole eating thing .. it will come in time .. someone's lifetime (LOL).

I'm sure he looked at other children eating with complete anxiety thinking "what the heck are you doing eating that stuff ... are you crazy". Instead he still puts just about everything else in his mouth .. well not quite as bad as he used to be.

Matthew will improve in time and this will be a memory to recall. I had almost forgotten how difficult it was at the start even getting him to accept a spoonful of water.

Good luck guys.

Anonymous said...

I was just noticing...
you can hardly see his scar!