Monday, December 25, 2006

But, as his mother, Gabrielle felt obliged to whisper in his ear that she "can still take him".

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Grandma W said...

Here you see "one proud mama" and "one proud son". Logistics has never diminished a speck of love between these two. Gabrielle's job brought her to Nevada and she loved Dillon enough to keep him settled in Texas with his father. This is a wonderful working relationship that is an example of what "family should mean to each other".

Dillon and his mom spend quality time on numerous occasions each year and it shows. His mother has every reason to be proud of him.

Keith, Gabrielle & Daniel recently traveled to Texas for Dillon's football game and homecoming.

Love to two of my family member! Gabrielle hosts our Thanksgivings and Christmas with a fabulous flair. She cooks the entire night before and has increased all our waist sizes with her delicious dishes. (just kidding about all our waist sizes) grandma w