Monday, December 25, 2006

To Mitch's relief, the box contained a jogging suit.


Anonymous said...

Good thing...
I thought the Victoria Secret bag full of goodies was MINE!

Grandma W said...

Look at that darn auntie Kim. She looks like she was in on the "trick". Uncle Mitch looks a little disappointed he didn't get that new push up bra or any lacy thong things.....ha ha. Just kidding, Michael would still be running right now with Mitch hot on his heels. "you think"?

Naw, Mitch would have waited and made sure Mike's next flu shot was extra painful. heeeeeeeee heeeeeeee

For those of you who are sitting on pins and needles, it was a dark gray jogging suit that will look realy good on Mitch. Mystery solved! grandma w