Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This is a CDC Alert!!!

The recent wave of below freezing temperatures here in Las Vegas has led to an outbreak of Cabin Fever. Symptoms include lounging on the couch while watching marathon Disney movies. As temperatures rise, you should observe a decline in new cases. As for Joel & Matthew, we expect them to make a full recovery.


Grandma Wright said...

Oh the comforts of home and good friends!!! Matthew is about as relaxed as I have ever seen him. Joel is like another brother to Matthew and Matthew loves his big brothers. You know, "just one of the guys". Ha ha.

In Las Vegas we go into long underwear at 50 degrees, so you Northern folks will just have to bear with us and understand how harsh 40 degrees appears to us "desert rats". "Burrrrrr, put another log on the fire, crank up the DVD player and let the good times roll". That's my way of getting through the "big chill".

Disney movies are still favorites, even the older ones made in the early 1940's. We are all kids at heart no matter what our ages. Age only manifests itself on the "outside". There is a child in all of us. The child in me is pampered and helps me communicate and enjoy Matthew. Sometimes this child in me helps me understand and tolerate being "grown up". It makes life amusing when I take myself too seriously..... Who Me?????

Love you two couch potatoes...... grandma wright

Terri said...

Matthew LOVE his Uncle Joel!

Terri said...


Flawed & Disorderly said...

We've had such a long cold spell here in West Texas, too! Ice is making the roads bad for weeks instead of days. We've got more bad weather coming in this weekend. Terri, a correction to something I told you the other day. I thought the high was 23 for the day, but that was the low. The high was 33 or something. Anyway, it's cold! And my poor hubby has to work in a shop with no heat every day! I'm just grateful he's out of the wind and rain.