Sunday, January 28, 2007

Anatomy of a Fit

Step 1. Walking along like all is well.
Step 2. It occurs to you that you are two and momentarily displeased with life.
Step 3. As you progress through your pitiful crying, you peer out from your hands to look for sympathetic onlookers.
Step 4. Unsatisfied with the reaction you've thus far received, you roll over for enhanced effect.
Step 5. After a relatively short period of time, you return back to normal.


Terri said...

I know I didn't teach him to throw temper tantrums.....
doesn't get that from me.... :-)

Auntie Kim said...

Step 6. Auntie Kim swooped him off the floor and showered him with hugs and kisses!! If the truth be told, I was present during this episode and swooped in after Step 3 to sweep him up in my arms for lots of lovin'.

Nancy said...

I am SHOCKED! I had no idea this little guy was not perfect in every way! lol! Ok, he is allowed to have his "off" moments... we all are. And Terri, I'm sure he couldn't have learned anything bad from you at all! ;-)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I did the EXACT same thing this afternoon....except I am STILL mad! :) Life is TOUGH when you're two!

Grandma Sue said...

Well I certainly would follow Auntie Kim's solution. He is never bad and we all get frustrated with life sometimes. He's only a baby afterall. Ok, is that good enough for a Grandma reply?

I love you Matthew no matter what and if that's the way to get a hug, you're pretty smart alright.

Please give him a big hug for me.

Love, Grandma Sue

Grandma Wright said...

Oh, my sweet little baby boy. I saw one of your rehearsals not long ago in the kitchen and was quite impressed. Your fake little cry was not very convincing but laying prostrate on the floor broke grandma's heart.

I think Auntie Kim and I have had the same training. I, too, swooped you up and smiles were in abundance.

When your mommy was a little girl she would flop herself down, wailing loudly enough for 3 blocks over to hear her. I use to step over her and walk to another room. She found the "energy" to follow me there, flop herself down again and repeat her objections....... You are right, mommy, Matthew didn't learn the stationary, quiet protest from "you" ha ha.

Love you little man. I wish grandma could make life perfect for you, but there are some things you are going to have to learn all on your own. My advice to you would be, "find a more comfortable place in the house to do this. A rug would make it easier on those knees..... grandma wright

Flawed & Disorderly said...

Oh, this looks SO familiar. We have a showing here every 1/2 hour. I'm getting to the point where I'm about to throw myelf in the floor just to see how they react.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I have this to look forward to in a few short months. LOVE this documentation!