Monday, January 22, 2007

Auntie Kim Stopped by to get her "Matthew fix" while Matthew got his haircut. She was a welcome departure from the shears.


Grandma Wright said...

Matthew is very interested in how those noises come out of the mouth. He wants to talk in the worst way. I personally can't wait until he starts talking. I am sure what he has to say will be very interesting to me.

Matthew loves his Auntie Kim and visa versa. With her busy work schedule, this is quality time for them both.

Matthew does look rather handsome with his new hair cut. It really made him look like a little boy and not a baby anymore. Love you my sweet hero! grandma wright

Denise said...

Magoo is so fortunate in the family he came into. They are all loving, fun, and adventurous folks with the right attitude to face challenges that would wither the rest of us into a puddle.

Auntie Kim is no exception to this rule, nor is terri, who so graciously says she is nothing amazing, when we all know better than that!! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!