Monday, January 01, 2007

Sunday morning, in what is now a joyful routine, Matthew and I went to Uncle Keith & Auntie Gabrielle's house to watch football. Uncle Keith was pleased that I hadn't placed Matthew's new Ram's jersey near an open flame or brought it to some other dreadful fate.


Grandma W said...

I think Matthew is telling his Uncle Keith that daddy harbors some ill fated methods for disposing of the Ram's jersey........ or could it be Matthew is a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing simply gathering game plans for the 49'rs...... Remember, daddy, "little pitcher have big ears". Those Sundays are important family days, so let's keep it peaceful guys. Ha Ha.... Love all of you, grandma w

Anonymous said...

Mommy loves Sunday!!
She can go grocery shopping... and get a few hours to get some things done!
The boys can bond ... it's great.

Grandma Sue said...

Uncle Keith and Matthew - great pictures.