Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Matthew's GI specialist appointment

Mom and I met with Dr. Baron late this afternoon. He said there are a few things that could be wrong. Some sounded kind of scary, like a herniated something or other (it was a medical term I can't remember) or scar tissue build up OR it could be something as simple as a milk/soy allergy. He wants to take a look and make sure everything in his digestive system is working properly FIRST. I think I had information overload. I didn't bring a little notepad like Mike usually does. All I can say is, I walked out of there HOPING AND PRAYING that it just ends up being only a milk/soy allergy. You never like hearing that something might not be working properly!!

Thursday morning, Matthew will be going in for an upper GI (oral esophagram and via G~tube) ~ yes, that means he's going to have to actually drink something by mouth... good thing he's on steroids again... that might help. I will call Dr. Baron for results ... and he'll know what to look for next if that turns out okay. There is another test that can see how fast or slow his digestive system is "dumping" ... yada yada...

Oh boy, with these medically fragile kiddos ... it can be hard emotionally. If it's not his heart we're concerned about, it's his pulmonary arteries & branches or it's his fragile lungs or his kidney reflux or his GI tract. Never a dull moment and never a time of feeling complacent.

I be sure to thank God for those "uneventful days" and for every single day that is "normal".


Nancy said...

Please define "normal". ;-) You are right. We don't ever get a break from worrying over our medically fragile kids, do we? BUT you are doing an awesome job and hopefully the new GI doc will be able to find a way to help Matthew without a lot of painful procedures, etc.


Grandma Wright said...

The ease in which Matthew attended this important meeting lends me to believe, "this is a normal routine" for our little hero.

While mommy and Dr. Baron discussed the situation and the avenues to take in each order, Matthew played with my cell phone, pretended to apply "germ free anticeptic lotion" on his chubby little hands and examined my semi- long fingernails. He would then complared my nails to his. I didn't tell him mine were done professionally. It was the length that had him puzzled.

Wouldn't you know, as luck would have it, the "other" GI doctor walked up to Terri at the receptionist counter. (busted) Hopefully he will "kidnap" a clue from Dr. Baron on how concerned Michael and Terri are about Matthew's wretching and the possibilities of probable causes. Maybe, with his next patient Dr. "Other" won't be so quick to settle on a diagnosis and investigate other options. You think?

It took us as long to get home as it did for the entire doctor's visit. Matthew was mesmerized by the red stopping lights on the cars and my nails. He is one focused little guy. Rush hour would not be a time to pull off a bank robbery, "fur shur". Speeding off in "slow moving traffic" could be very frustrating for both cops and robbers... Ha Ha

Matthew charmed me during the entire time with his smiles and antics. I walked him around in his stroller while mommy made his Thursday's appointment. Matthew just stretched out with his feet propped up on the tray and looked back at me everydtime I stopped...... I think I am under his control...... I wonder if I can be "de-matthewtized" later on in the future???? Oh, well, I could have a worse addiction. Love you my sweet little addiction. grandma wright

The Brian said...

Hopefully you'll get quick resolution on this issue, sounds awful for the little guy.

Flawed & Disorderly said...

I'm so sorry! I want you to start having dull, uneventful days right this instant! I'll pray you'll receive a simple solution!!!!

Just stopped and prayed for you guys! You need some relief!

I've had to drink the barium (sp?) before, and it was really yucky. I hope you can get the tests run that you need to run!