Friday, January 26, 2007

As with all the ladies in this family, a periodic "Matthew fix" is a mainstay of life. Here, Auntie Gabrielle stops by for hers and takes the occasion to rock Matthew to sleep.


Terri said...

he was as happy as a bug in a rug.
Well..... until she tried to put him in his crib.

Nancy said...

Too bad I don't live closer so I can get a "Matthew fix" too! I just love the little guy even though I've never met him in person.

If you are ever in Southern Arizona you'll have to come by!

Auntie Gabrielle said...
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Auntie Gabrielle said...

I just cannot help it, I love to rock him to sleep and take every opportunity to do just that. We have a rocking chair at our house that has been in the family for several generations and has rocked all of the Davenport children. On Sundays when Mike and Matthew come by for football or dinner, I snag the little guy and sit with him and rock. He just smiles and settles right in. The chair creaks and sways just right so we call it "the secret weapon"!
You've just got to love that little face!
Auntie "G"

Grandma Sue said...

Another person who understands that Matthew just needs a hug sometimes. He plays hard and works hard at learning new things and smiles for all those pictures.

We all know that most of Terri's wonderful disposition is what we see in Matthew, but the 2's are coming fast.

I love you so much Matthew.

Grandma Sue

Grandma Wright said...


The two's are here; but in a healthy maturing sort of way. Matthew plays, walks and loves so hard, that all of a sudden his energy level just plummets. Life is hard for "everyone" when they are tired.

Daddy is right, all the women in the family need a "Matthew fix" often SO there is plenty of "love" to go around and around when the mood hits. Matthew is very independent; but always has a moment for his fans. What a love!

Matthew returns that love and then some. That boy does like to rock, and it is very soothing and quieting for him. With his "don't fence me in" personality, the ole crib does seem a bit confining; but a necesary haven for our little guy and the parents.

For all Matthew has been through, he seems to just slide into each phase with the greatest of normal ease. Look at that precious little face...... I think he is looking at Mr. Sandman and performing a "silent" protest. Sounds like Matthew won......hee hee

Love you sweet little boy, grandma w