Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Lawn Chair

This weekend we went camping in Beaver, UT. Grandma Wright got this little elephant chair for Matthew. Here he is lounging while watching his favorite show, Baby Einstein. I know you can't really call this camping so maybe I should just say we were relaxing in Beaver.


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Isn't that the cutest chair you've ever seen????

What about that new "do?"

Moose is always by Matthew's side...

David said...

Ah, relaxing in front of the TV in Beaver sounds nice about now!

Sadie will be glad to see new pictures of Matthew. She'll tell me all about what she thinks next time she i sup blogging with me in the middle of the night!

The pictures are sweet. He definitely is happier than when he was getting that great haircut!

Anonymous said...

If you guys get a chance try the Disney Channel every morning at 8am. Little Einsteins is on and is similiar to Baby Einsteins, with similiar music and art. Ali loves it!

Grandma W said...

Baby Einstein is a "quick fix" for Matthew when in a grumpy mood. Baby Newton really catches his eye with all the cayons and their antics. The clown is quite comical too.

Matthew has conquered the second prerequisit of learning " Do Association". Everytime he sees the Lion on the front of the DVD appear on the TV screen, he gets excited. The same is true with his Baby Einstein cards. He finds the "sun" card that matches the one on the box cover. The sunflower is closely related, so he pulls that one as well. For some reason he loves the "Robot" card.

There is never a dull moment with Matthew around and "yes", Moose is always by his side. Those two just love each other and happiness prevails when together.

Life is good in Beaver! "Always"
grandma wright

Grandma Sue said...

I love these pictures. That is a great chair. I haven't seen one that cute. Matthew is really concentrating on Baby Einstein and also his book (I know that makes Dad very happy). His little legs are crossed and he is just so relaxed. It's just a happy time for all when you are in Beaver. Moose is just the perfect little dog for Matthew.

Gina said...

Baby Einstein is the greatest invention for kids and parents.

Love the chair. What fun!

One of these days, we'll meet you donw there in Beaver.