Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 231st Birthday America!

Before we run off to visit with friends & family, I wanted to post this picture of Terri & Matthew holding Old Glory. I went to the National Archives site and read the Declaration of Independence to Matthew this morning (don't be too impressed he didn't pay much attention). There is nothing like fronting out the King by listing the 27 specific "injuries" he committed against the colonists to justify "dissolving" the "political connection" with Great Britain.


Grandma Sue said...

Great picture. Happy 4th of July to Michael, Terri & Matthew.

Love, Mom (Grandma Sue)

Grandma W said...

Mommy said this is the same flag that Matthew held while in the NICU, awaiting his first surgery, showing his support and gratitude for being an American. Funny, the flag looked "so big" when Matthew was "so little".

This is a great picture of Matthew proving the success of today's medical technology. We are grateful Americans.

Happy 4th of July King Trio! Love grandma wright

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this picture of Terri!!! I can hear your little giggle and see your joy.....hope it was a happy 4th!!!

antinesi who lost her login.....