Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Distracted Listener

Ever tried to hold the interest of a two year old? Watch as Matthew's wandering little mind turns into raptured attention towards Auntie Kim's necklace.


David said...

2 year olds are great! Eliza does and comes up with the most wonderful out of nowhere things!

crabby old man said...

He is so precious, It's beyond Me how he can be so happy with all he has been thru.
May God bless Your Family

Grandma Sue said...

He just loves his Auntie Kim and for good reason. It is so funny to see him looking at the book and then seeing the necklace and then really getting interested in it. I thought for a minute I would see it in his hands. I'm sure he will figure out how to take that off and get a laugh from Kim. Great pictures and a kiss at the end-priceless!

Love, Grandma Sue

Grandma W said...

Matthew has an eye for jewelry and eye glasses.

Matthew does have a pretty good attention span on "what he deems interesting". The necklace here just came in "first" Ha Ha.

Matthew is just the most beautiful little boy and still holds the "best dressed" title.

Love you my little jewelry thief!
grandma wright

Terry said...


Anonymous said...

Auntie Kim will be for all his days the second most important woman....just ask Casey who he could turn to when mom was not there?? Kim. Always fun, strong, laughing, smart, that is gorgeous Kim. i realized early on that i had no chance at 2nd spot with Casey. It will be the same with Matthew. Sorry, anti G, it simply is.