Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Andrea's Closet

My Mom contacted me about this organization in Arizona called Andrea's Closet. Andrea was a sweet little girl who lost her battle with Leukemia. Her parents have attempted to fill the hole left in their lives by starting an organization which provides free toys to sick children in the hospital. Watch this video and tell me if this isn't one of the sweetest, most Christian things you have ever seen! A note to those of you wearing mascara: I'm sorry.


Grandma Sue said...

Oh Michael, thank you so much for putting this on the Blog. I knew you would like this because you and Terri are also true Christians who help so many others through their struggles. A very wonderful lady, Judy Bird, at Standard Printing Company in Arizona is the Grandmother of darling Andrea. She lost her 6 years ago. I have worked with her for 6 years by phone but feel as if we have become true friends. Her co-worker Sherrie, my other "phone friend" told me about this website.

I'm hoping some day that all hospitals will be able to provide a wonderful toy for the most deserving of all, the Children.

I love you. Mom (Grandma Sue)

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I can't think of anything more wonderful than spoiling these children w/ toys.... we know what kind of torture they endure in hospitals.

Grandma W said...

What a beautiful and, yes, tearful video. Those beautiful children with their smiles shining through their pain is very inspiring and touching

After watching Matthew goes through his pain and suffering, it chills my heart to think that all that is not over for him in life. I could see his "special joyful spirit" in each one of these children.

To lose a child at Andrea's age, the love does not stop there. The journey you started at birth continues to flow forward even after their death. You are still a powerful team making a difference.

Some people become bitter and stop loving God and others; while others seem to see God more clearly and take that love to greater heights. That is the continued love of that child showing through. There is "life" after death.

Look at the good Andrea's parents and family have accomplished. Andrea's life did not end just before her 10th birthday, it just began.

God Bless this family and thank you for sharing. grandma wright

11:27 AM

Terry said...

That was great... a bit of a tear jerker. Its great to see the kids smile like its Christmas to pick out a toy! I feel for the parents. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to have such a sick child and to know in the back of your mind you may have to bury your child. What could be worse? You'll want to remember the little happy moments like these when the kids play with a new toy.

David said...

That is a wonderful program!

little things said...

Oh my, I guess when your children are healthy, you just don't think about things like this organization.
I am enriched by my visit here today. Thank you so much.
And my very best thoughts to you and your little guy.
(PS I was born at Sunrise Hospital in 1965).