Thursday, October 30, 2008

We love our mailman, Terry

This is Terry, our favorite mailman.. he's been so wonderful to us over the years. He really cares for Matthew ... and look what he brought to him a couple weeks ago!!

His very own USPS mail truck!!
He loves playing with the little door on the side that slides open. Thank you Uncle Terry!!!

I've been trying to spoil Terry lately with some home baked cookies ... soon it'll be cool enough for me to leave in the mailbox... but for now I must leave him notes so he can come to the door for his bag of goodies. I felt goofy yesterday b/c I was all grungy looking ... like a "momster".
I might have scared him! Oh wait... that's supposed to be saved for Halloween!!


Chris H said...

What a nice mailman! Our mail LADY never even say's 'Hello' back to me when I say "HI" ! Not nice eh? Matthew is so lucky to have such a nice mailman. And he's quite a spunk!

Terry c said...

Wow, thanks Matthew! I have never been on anybody's blog before(not that I know of anyway). I see that you are enjoying your truck, that's great! I may have to borrow it to finish my route if my truck breaks down sometime. :)

Grandma W said...

Matthew's mailman is a great guy. Matthew and I were out for a walk and saw Terry. Matthew was excited to see him. Matthew even let me play with his truck.

Grandma Sue said...

Very cute pictures. a mail truck is a great gift and Matthew will have a lot of fun with that. When did you get a kitten? Sorry, I got distracted.

I'm sure Terry the Mailman will love the cookies. Did Matthew help you make them? (:0)

Love, Grandma Sue

Vanessa said...

That is so sweet of your mail man. I love the little truck he gave him.

Heli gunner Tom said...

What a cute, innocent child.

Best Wishes,
Tom s