Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Speech and OT therapists from the school district

*giggling* Isn't this funny! Matty getting a little ride in Miss Dorina's rolling cart! Miss Dorina is his speech therapist from the Clark County School District. She is wonderful, we love her.
Miss Dorina is trying to get the little guy to ASK for a ride instead of grunting and whining for a ride.
This is Miss Lisa from the school district, she is his occupational therapist. We love her, too.
She had soo many ideas for us to help him. Brought him some goodies to help w/ his fine motor skills w/ his hands and fingers. We sure love this play table his "Dwamma" bought him last year. We use it every day.

Here is a little peanut ball... since he's so active.. he can sit and work and bounce all at the same time.
Honestly... we have always been blessed to have the most wonderful case workers from the state ... from the Nevada Early Intervention girls to the school district.

We are ever so thankful to them all!! Oh, and the transition team ... they helped switch us from NEIS to CCSD was just as wonderful!!
He has a special education teacher, Miss Heidi that he loves as well. I promise to get some pics of her this week. They are all so patient and loving to our little man.

That means the world to us.


Vanessa said...

Looks like he is having fun with his therapist. We have wonderful therapists as well. I get so nervous thinking about transitioning next year.

I just have to tell you Arianna does the same thing. She will grunt or whine for us to do things for her. I'm hoping her speech takes off over the next 6 months. It's so hard to see other kids her age talking so much. I know it shouldn't bother me but it does at times. If she could talk more there would be less frustration.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween!

Take care,

Grandma W said...

Some kids are just talkers and some kids are not. Matthew does talk more and when he does, he knows what he wants. I think his therapist have done a great job in getting him to communicate more.

Yesterday, he sat down at his table and showed me what he had learned. It was so cute. He didn't want me sitting in one of his little chairs. He just came over, took the back of it and let me know that "he" wanted to sit on it.

The Portas said...

Thank goodness for so much good help! We are really blessed to have "the best," too. I love Matthew's table! Dwamma did a good job. :)

Jake, Amy and Luke said...

Thanks for all your nice comments! Yeah, you have been on top of things! Matthew is so lucky to have such great parents who love him so much! Matthew is going to be okay with all the great assistance he is getting, he'll catch up in no time! He is such a doll. Sure love you guys!

Grandma Sue said...

Great comments from great friends and Grandma Wright. Jake, Amy & Luke said it perfectly - Matthew has such great parents who love him so much. There is so much progress and it's wonderful to see him so happy. Glad he is over his cold and his tests came out so well.

Can't wait to see all of you again.

Love, Grandma Sue