Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tis the season...

Not surprising ... but Magoo picked up some kind of "bug" at the doctors office or the diagnostic center this past week. He is sick with cold like symptoms. It never fails when he is healthy and we have to take him in for a well check up... he gets a bug. It is October ... so there ya go.

He is junky in the lungs, coughing, runny nose....GRUMPY... not eating much again...retching after his feeds and not sleeping well. ~ all that fun stuff. Did I mention that he is quite whiney???

No fever thank goodness.

Anyway... I am back to giving him chest compressions 4 to 6 times a day, percussion several times a day, baby Ibuprofen, and additional breathing treatments. Luckily he loves his breathing treatments, isn't that funny! Actually, he enjoys the chest compressions too!!
I want to give a thanks to my brother in law, Mitch who is a family doctor... he is the one who taught us the chest compressions last year and saved Magoo from having to be put on Prednisone.

He does seem to be handling this much better than last year though. He is at least coughing it up. I can't get him to blow his nose, though. It would be great if I could get him to do that!!

He was very happy yesterday to see his "Dwammma" and his "Auntie Tim"...
those were the two times yesterday he was in a good mood. Auntie Kim did get him a soft serve from Dairy Queen and he did have several bites of that!
Maybe I should ship him over to their houses for the rest of the week... what an idea!! *giggle*
Yes, and Magoo gave Mike his litte cold, too.


Grandma W said...

That is what is so wonderful about having children. They keep your immune system updated. Then when you have grandchildren, you get a booster for all the childhood illnessnes like "colds".

Dwammma was just as happy to see Magoo. I am one person he can easily manipulate dog gone it and he is fully aware of his charm.

Get well, little buddy, and stay well. Love Dwammma

Grandma Sue said...

Well I was hoping after all he went through having the Kidney Reflux test that he wouldn't get a cold as a result. Poor little guy. I'm so glad Terri has Auntie Kim and Dwammma stopping by to cheer Matthew up and also give her a little break. I hope he and Michael both get over this cold soon.

Love all the pictures. Grandma Sue

The Portas said...

Sounds like our boys have the exact same thing. Isn't it delightful? UGGHghghhh!!!!

Chest compressions? Teach me! Anything to help this madness.

Get better soon, Matthew. Poor thing. Being sick is yucky, isn't it. xoxoo