Saturday, October 11, 2008

Doctor month for Magoo

Here we are at Dr. Nakamura's office, Matthew was getting is oxygen SAT level checked. For some crazy reason, he doesn't like it. All they do is wrap a dealie around his toe, but he panics. His nurse Cynthia was telling funny stories. Yes, Mike checked w/ Matthew before we left the house to be sure they dressed alike ~ Mike loves to dress in the same colors as Matthew.

October is a busy doctor month for us. We just took him to our good buddy Dr. Michael Tenby for his pediatrician visit. Dr. Tenby now has his very own brand new office in Northwest Las Vegas. You can't ask for a better pediatrician..... I'm serious.
All was good. He does want us to take Magoo to Lili Claire
for some testing. They specialize with children that are on the autism spectrum, having speech problems and that have neurological issues. Now THAT, I'm having a difficult time with so I won't get into it. I am praying he is not on the spectrum and he's just behind due to health issues.
We saw Dr. Craig Nakamura yesterday ... he is Matthew's awesome and adorable pulmonologist.
We all got our flu shots there. It was hysterical, Matthew was fine for the shot (in his arm for the first time) but he freaked out over the band aid being put on! Dr. Craig told Mike and I that he didn't want to hear us crying after our shots. We actually love going to Dr. Nakamura's, all of his office staff is so wonderful to us. We love those people ~ they are extra special.

We take him to Sunrise Diagnostic Center on Tuesday for that nasty ole kidney reflux test.
I hate it, they put him in a straight jacket type deal and tie him to a board... put a tubie up his peenie and fill up his bladder. They tilt him back and forth and they watch on a monitor to see if his bladder backs up to his kidneys. Both sides used to back up.. but two years ago when we did this test, the left side had repaired itself. Hopefully the right side is fixed and we can quit giving him a daily dose of Septra.

At the end of the month we take him to Dr. Baron, the GI doc for a regular check up ... we started giving him a drug that increases his appetite... hoping he'll eat more by mouth and gain some weight.
It seems to be helping.

THEN we see our beloved Dr. Mayman for his 6th month ECHO. As you all know, I get very nervous ... I hope that his little leak is still little and there is NO sludge build up on that valve.
Keep your fingers crossed.

He has a school district special ed teacher come to the house two times a week and a speech therapist once a week. OT comes once a month. I feel that Nevada has really great people that work with Matthew. We were lucky w/ Nevada Early Intervention and now the school district.
I certainly can't complain. Some people complain about state agencies, and I think it's crazy.
We have always had wonderful caring case workers... starting with the Katie Beckett program.

Besides all that... Magoo is quite mischievous and we love it. He is talking more and it's so fun.

One thing that has been happening more frequently, his mic key button comes out!
He is so busy scootching off the couch or floor ... and his mic key button rips out...
Good thing we feed him every 2 to 3 hours ... otherwise we'd be at the ER having a radiologist put the thing back in. We have a short window to put it back in ourselves w/ some KY jelly.
It's always quite shocking to find his mic key laying on the floor fully inflated ... or to pick him up and find it missing !!!!
Fun fun.


Richard Williams. said...

Hi Terri and Mike and Matthew. Tomorrow at the 8 am Mass I will make sure you are all mentioned in the intentions of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I know of no other parents that have gone throuh so much and our little hero has gone through so much more than any of us. He looks like he is ready for the challenges of the world. He looks great. I hope so with all the upcoming tests. God Bless All of you. Richie.

Grandma W said...

Matthew has come a long ways this past year. He is very mentally active and talks when he needs to. He just doesn't prattle away with nothing words. Being with Taylor and Troy in Beaver Utah has given him the opportunity to be with other kids. He is learning to share and is more eager to try new tastes. Hoping all will be positive with the remainder of his doctors visits. As his grandma, I think he will do just fine!!!!!!

The Portas said...

That's a lot of doctors and a lot of appointments. Wow! We will pray for ALL good results for everything. He's such a trooper. Elijah freaks out about the sat testing too. Huh? It's a sticker on your toe, silly kid! :)

Take care. Sending prayers and hugs to you guys. xoxoxo