Thursday, October 23, 2008

Two doctor appointments this morning.

Our first appointment was with Dr. Mayman. Unfortunately, we didn't get to visit and talk politics b/c he got tied up this morning and he was an hour late. This was the very first time in over 3 years we didn't get in on time. It did make us late to our GI appointment, but his office called Dr. Baron to let him know we were on our way. Wasn't that nice! I have to say too, today is his admin day... and he squeezed us in early so that Mike didn't have to miss a trip to Beaver.
That's only one reason why we love this guy so much. He's very special to us all.

We didn't get "his numbers" yet because we were rushing out... but we will know soon. Dr. Mayman said so far it looks pretty good. 6:00PM Just in from Dr. Mayman, "The numbers on Matthew's echo were great!!!!"

So, by the time we got over to Dr. Baron's, Matthew was in a VERY foul mood. He was sure to let everyone in the office know... for about a half an hour or so. That's always real fun.
He's very sleepy because he had been up since 2:30 AM ~ yep, 2:30 AM.
Now the tears... along with the whining and crying.
He's goin down.
OUT.... he is fast asleep during his doctor visit. Ah... some peace and quiet. It made it quite easy for Dr. Baron to do his thing.
He's doing good.

We get to add another cc to his mic key button to help keep it from ripping out. Hopefully it works... we'll try 6cc's if the 5cc's doesn't work first.

We think he had a headache b/c he was so miserable. About an hour after I gave him some baby ibuprofen, he was settled down and back to his sweet little self.

I was sooo thankful Mike was able to come with me today... I couldn't imagine going alone with him being so grumpy and fussy.
It's tough for Mike, these early morning visits because he doesn't get home til around 1:30 or 2:00 AM on a good night.

We like to snag those first appointments ... usually you're pretty much on time.


Kathy said...

Matthew is as cute as always!
You know....we see Dr. Mayman in can go with us and we'll all catch up!

Can't wait to hear what his numbers are...that's good that they looked good to him while you were in there.

And Dr. Baron...that's it..just add haven't tried that already. You know, when Isaac first got his...there were times when we'd check it...and I had put 8-10cc's in it!! I can't believe it didn't burst him...or his belly!!!

Isaac always falls asleep for Dr. B too...he just loves it!!

HEY...are you going to the Fall Festival in Southern Highlands on Saturday?? The Heart Center is having a booth...over 100 people have already rsvp'd...there will be heart babies everywhere!


Chris H said...

Poor wee boy! So much trauma in his little life just can't blame him for packing a hissy fit sometimes. I did wonder about putting more in his key to hold it in better... but wasn't sure how much you already put in. Hopefully it holds now.

Grandma Sue said...

Oh, I'm thrilled to hear that his numbers are so good (deep sigh of relief). Dr. Mayman is such a wonderful doctor. Poor little guy wore himself out with all the doctor visits and not feeling good. At least he was quiet for Dr. Baron. Wonderful news. I can see that Michael & Terri need to catch up on some sleep also. It's great that you both are able to go to these appointments. I hope the Mickey button will stay in also. That's a scarry thing when it comes out.

Take care wonderful King Family. I hope Matthew feels better soon. I can't wait to see you again.

Love, Grandma Sue.

Grandma W said...

Terri advised subsequently that Matthew's numbers were great!!!!!
With all his energy, I just knew they had to be good.

It's 8:50 a.m. and Terri and Matthew just left. Terri needed to pick something up and Matthew always enjoys prowling Drammmma's house. He takes me by the hand and shows me around. Ha Ha. I get a big kick out of it.

He wanted to go in the backyard; but the grass was wet and it's cool outside early in the mornings now. Of course Moose loves it when he comes because she gets cheerios and whatever else Matthew feeds her. I wonder why she needs to loose 2 lbs. Hummmmmm

The Portas said...

I'm so glad that these appointments are DONE for you guys. Also so glad that Mike was able to go along with you, especially with a fussy Mr. Matthew. The sequence of pics is super cute. At least he tired himself out enough to take a snooze. I think Elijah would just fuss for eternity unless we had him in a dark, quiet room.

Great news on the echo results and I hope the GI stuff helps you guys out.

YAY, done with the appointments for a while...oxoxo

GoofyJ said...

He's so cute - even when he's sad and grouchy. :-) So glad the results from the echo were so great! woohoo! :-) hope the GI stuff helps too.

Heli gunner Tom said...

I have not realized how much I love my three grown kids until I read your web site.
Great Blog! Thanks.

Warm Regards,
Tom S
Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70.