Saturday, June 09, 2007

Our Beaver Weekend

Last weekend we went to Beaver to dig a ten foot hole for our "perk test". A perk test measures the rate at which the ground will absorb septic waste. Matthew watched as our old backhoe bested the rocky ground. Then we went to our neighbors Tim & Tanji Baxter's cabin for a good ole' down-home country hoedown. They are a cute, young couple with two adorable kids. It was such a nice escape from the big city.


Grandma W said...

What an ideal mix..... hard work with fun music and friends at sundown.

The view from Tim and Tanji's deck & home is awesome. LeRoy and I didn't make this trip; but our hearts and "stew" were with the King Trio.

As you can see, Michael is quite accomplished on the backhow and the hole he dug was impressive. You could bury a cow in it.

Of course mommy had her job cut out for her keeping our little road runner out of the hole, the compose pile and everything Matthew terms as dangerous. Sad thing is, "we do too". It is just 2 year old instinct, I guess.

Mike and Terri have accomplished a great deal in the last five years up in Beaver. Wait until you see pictures of the home they are preparing to build. It will be a King's Castle for sure! Love you guys, grandma wright

Grandma Sue said...

What great neighbors you have there in Beaver. It is such an ideal spot. I'm sure you hate to leave after such a nice weekend. I know you will have many happy times there. Your hard work is paying off.

It's also pretty special that you had some real live music. I bet it sounded great in the outdoors.

Love to all of you. Mom (Grandma Sue)