Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Water Park at Dusk

This week Terri & Matthew went to visit our friends Ken & Diane Rose (and their three boys). They all went to a nearby park at dusk (since that is the only part of a summer day that is tolerable in the desert). You may have to squint to see the pictures but Matthew had fun on the slide and in the water. Kenny was a fine fill-in for me while I was working.


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Check out Matthew's little face as he's about to go down the slide for the very first time... he's not so sure it's going to be a fun thing...

He's also wearing his

"That's it, I'm going to Grandma's"

t~shirt his Grandma Sue bought for him.

He loved the water park.. wasn't too too interested in the other kids there... just the water park.

Kenny was so patient and kind to Matthew on his first day at the park. His little boys kept trying to give Matthew balls and toys..

David said...

How fun is that! A park with a water park! Only in the desert! It looks like Matthew had fun, even if he was nervous about the slide.

Grandma W said...

When Terri told me they had gone to the water park, I could just imagine the fun of watching Matthew frolic in the sprays. The non-slippery footing in the water area makes it really safe for the little ones.

Seeing Matthew walk up the slide "backwards" brought back so many memories. I think "every" child see a challenge in making it to the top. Ha Ha

Matthew appears to put all his trust in Kenny. With three little boys himself, Kenny knew exactly how to pace Matthew's first slide down. Besides, Kenny is just "a big kid" himself. :) I can't think of three better play mates than Kenneth, Kannon and Roman. They are three of the best and sweetest children I have ever seen. Their mommy and daddy are wonderful!

Matthew "loves" to climb stairs so I am certain that exercise was most enjoyable all by itself.

Matthew, you are a brave little boy. I wish I had your energy. Love you by little energy bunny, grandma wright

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What a fun place! Glad your cute boy had so much fun! Water is always a hit! Slides too!