Monday, June 11, 2007

Medicaid "buy in" bill failed to pass the Senate

I found out this morning, Senate bill 59 ~ the Medicaid "buy in" bill we were fighting for, is dead.

This bill would have allowed families of medically fragile children to "buy into" Medicaid.
To pay for Medicaid on a sliding scale, based on income.

As my sister said, "It's terribly disappointing."

We were so hopeful.
I really thought we had enlightened our Senators w/ my testimony and Mike's testimony.


TUFFENUF said...

I am sorry to hear about that; but continue the fight for all the families that can't. It is sad that we spend so much money on a war that we can't win, when we could be spending that money on the things that count in this life, like very ill children.

Izabell said...

I am very sorry that the bill did not make it! I don't see why it would not make it and am very saddened by the news. You had beautiful s peaches and you fought hard so I do hope that you are proud of yourselves for you effort and maybe next round they will get a clue?

Grandma W said...

How President Bush can fathom pushing the illegal immigration amnesty bill, TODAY, when our country cannot afford to support our present "legal American citizens with health needs"????

This is a "Paris Hilton injustice of discrimnation against our medically fragile citizens. Nevada Legislation certainly turned a deaf ear to those in most need of their help. A good politican should be a "friend to those in desperate need". Of course they don't care, because they live by another law. A double standard you say?? They will NEVER have to face the same financial crisis as the "little people". They've taken care of theirselves to be sure. Their medical bills are taken care of by YOUR Tax dollars...... not too selfish, huh? You did a great job, Legislatures, with the "smoke and mirror" routine. The only sad thing is the medically fragile were serious about facing financial destitution and bankrupcy. Whoops!!!! was that issue overlooked?

As far as I am concern they rank right up there with Sheriff Lee Baca in Los Angeles as being "fair and just and balanced".

From the bottom of my heart, grandma wright

Grandma Sue said...

What a shame this is. They finally have a Bill that would help so many needy families and actually help the Medi-Cal/Medicaid system because they would be able to recover a portion of the monies paid out. Instead they will pass bills that give free medical care which ends up costing the States and taxpayers more money. I'd like to see the explanation (by each Senator who voted against this) as to why they made that choice. After hearing what points in the Bill caused the negative votes, maybe someone could re-write a similar Bill that might pass some day. We can only hope.

Terri & Michael should be so proud that they appeared before them and gave a heart wrenching explanation of how regular families are trying to cope with astronomical medical bills.

Love to all of you. Mom (Grandma Sue)

Anonymous said...

That is dissapointing - but I too am proud of the fight you have made, and maybe in time,little by little, success will come. You guys are great.

Krystal said...

I'm so sorry to hear this - you guys have done so much to try to correct the devastating situation. . . I do hope that the Senators will do SOMETHING!