Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Here is a slide show of nearly every picture of Matthew & me set to Creed's "With Arms Wide Open". The writer, Scott Stapp, wrote this song the day he found out he was going to be a daddy. I think he captures the feeling exactly. Terri took 95% of these pictures and she did such a great job. It may, at times, seem like the pictures go by fast but I couldn't decide which ones to edit out.


Grandma W said...

Of ALL the daddys in the world, you are certainly one of the "finest of them all"! Thank you, dad!

Right from the start, your were the "best" hands-on dad I have ever observed in all my years. Without your constant vigil and emotional support, I don't know how Matthew or mommy would have made it through these past 2-years. There is nothing left for you to experience for all that you have been through. Matthew has taken you through the gambit. Thank you, dad!

Without you, Matthew would not be here to lightened up our lives with happiness and laughter. You can be sure that God hand picked "you" for Matthew's daddy. Thank you, dad!

I am so happy you didn't eliminate any one of these pictures of your life's experiences, so far. Each picture frame is a story in itself. It is a mixture of happy and anxious times that each of us can relate to. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. I can just image the memories that you have attached to all of them. I think it is only fair and fitting to say, "thanks, dad, for the memories". "Happy Father's Day!

Love you two with all my heart!!!! grandma wright

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Well, mom pretty much said it all for me.

Mike went to every OB/GYN appt... to every doctor appointment.. and you all know that we "lived" in the doctor offices for that first year....

Mike gets up in the middle of the night.. Mike takes such good care of Matthew...
and in my eyes.. he's the best daddy in the world...
no one can compare....

I could not have made it without Mike over the past two years.
Matthew is not the only lucky one.. I am, too.

He's my pillar of strength.

I love you, Mikey!!

Happy Father's Day to the best father in the world.

Izabell said...

happy fathers day!! enjoy the day mike you definitely are a wonderful dad!!

Terry said...

Happy Father's Day, Mike. That was an awesome slide show. It got me all teary-eyed. How sweet. sr

Anonymous said...

Your pride in your fatherhood is so evident in all the pictures. The meaning of fatherhood is eveident as streaming from your face and eyes and whole being. I have to say i had a good good cry listening to the song you added, and looking at the fabulous slidesow. I was reminded of those times where life was not a given for magoo, and the anguish and strength you showed, holding Terri up, and yourself and all the rest of us. If anyone deserves a father of the decade Mike, it is you. Thank you so much for allowing us to vicariously live and feel that love you show every day to your family.
I still thank God frequently for your appearance in my dearest of friends life....Terri is so blessed by you.
love always and all ways,

Grandma Sue said...

Well I'm not sure what I can add to the wonderful comments above. That was a wonderful, moving video and I remember every picture. I love the way Michael & Matthew look at each other with so much love. Even when Michael is looking at the camera, Matthew was looking at him in some pictures. I am so very proud of you my son for the wonderful father you are.

Happy Fathers Day means so much more now than ever before.

Terri - you did a great job taking all the wonderful pictures. You have a husband and two sons who adore you because you are a very special wife and mom. They wouldn't be who they are unless they had you for their inspiration.

I love you all so much. Mom (Grandma Sue)

Meg-Dan-n-Eli said...

Oooooo! You guys are just the cutest family...and so strong! Dan and I are so excited to meet you.