Monday, October 24, 2005

After his feeding, Terri "vents" Matthew through his G-tube. Posted by Picasa


Grandma W said...

Mommy looks beautiful!! After being up for over 24 hours and dealing with Matthew's new equipment and schedule the first full day at home was stressful.It would have been for "anyone". She loves her Little Who Magoo and wants nothing but the very best for her son. Mommy is as smart and organized as she is beautiful. Matthew could never have a better mommy. Hang in there, Terri, you are doing a great job! There is no more "perfect" way to take care of Matthew with all the love you have to offer him. "You go girl!" Love mom

Grandma Sue said...

I second that. Janet said it exactly. She knows her daughter well. I'm so amazed how Terri finds all the energy. When Matthew looks at her with those loving eyes, I'm sure it makes it all worthwhile.

Love, Grandma Sue