Saturday, April 26, 2008

CNN's Broken Government ~ Healthcare ~ Critical Condition

I got a call from CNN earlier this week to let us know they will be re~airing the special on healthcare.

It will be aired tonight and tomorrow night 5, 8 & 11pm and 3am our time. The entire show is eye opening ~ I wish all our politicians would watch it!

In case you miss it, here is a 7 minute clip ~ starting with our friends from Las Vegas (who are filing for bankruptcy after losing their 18 month old baby girl) and then we come on at the 5:22 mark.

Get our your tissues, the Zeigler's story is incredibly sad.

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T & T said...

I love that you posted this video. I see quite a few stories but not much in the way of fixing the problem. I've been dealing with the healthcare system in the US for decades, first with my sister who has sickle cell anemia(who has 7 children and the doctors told her she could never even think of having one) and when my twins were born! I AM NOT AT all impressed! And even worked in the Healthcare enviornment for over 15 years to try and understand it's complexities. It didn't work. But I know that it isn't a slice of pie in other countries either even if it seems to be (initially) less costs. I don't know what the answer is or when it will come but I pray it comes today! Thanks for having a voice for us all...

The Sams Family