Thursday, April 17, 2008

Casey having his heart procedure today

Update: I just got home ... it's 4:15pm. Well, the surgeon was not able to get the results he wanted. He and another surgeon spent 2 1/2 hours working on him. That's all I know for now. We are disappointed. It sounded to me as if this is just something he'll just live with. Before the surgery, he did say the node was in a tricky spot. When the nurse came out after an hour and a half, she said "it" was being a "real booger". Will know more later. Casey is doing fine, just nauseated ~ poor kid.
Today at 9am, Casey is having an ablation. This is a procedure that can be done via catheter in the cath lab.

This is going to be a re~do from a previous attempt in December.

Please say a little prayer that all goes well.


Chris H said...

I hope it goes down well THIS TIME!

crabby old man said...


Tofaeono Family said...

We will be praying for you guys.

Tofaeono Family

The Portas said...

Saying a prayer right now!!! Thinking about you guys....xoxoxo

In_spired said...



Anonymous said...

God Bless you all....prayers on the wind...........He hears it all.....

love to my casey james!!!!!

Grandma Sue said...

I'm praying that all goes well with the procedure today. Hopefully it will be handled better this time and Casey won't have to wait the whole day.

I'm sure he will be fine and then Mom can get some sleep. It doesn't matter how young or how old your children are - we stil worry.

Love you both. Sue (Grandma Sue)

Grandma W said...

Get Well Soon my goodlooking grandson.

I am disappointed for you; but have learned that sometimes things turn out for the best. Casey had "the best" doctors who followed their skills and did what they could. You can't ask for more than that. I wonder how many people are walking around today with some peculiar quirt in their heart.

Live your life to the fullest, Casey. Love you grandma wright

Anonymous said...

Good to see you Casey....I am sure hoping this all works out for you...
You along with your mom, Mike and Matthew are always in our prayers..

Love the Taylor family

Nancy said...

How is Casey doing now? Did the ablation help at all? I hope he is doing better. I just realized how much he looks like you from that picture you posted. He's got your eyes and mouth. It's a good thing because you look so young I have been wondering if he really was your son?! haha!

Love ya,