Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ethan and Matthew painting w/ cool whip. Ethan loved eating it.. Matthew wanted no part of tasting it.. shocker! This is Erin of NEIS at the table, she and Christy were the "play masters".
I know it's kind of dark, but it's so cute. If you look to the left, you can see Matthew's back in the striped shirt.. trying to make a getaway. You can see our friend Trish at the table.
Wearing daddy's baseball cap.
Just checking out how it looks in the mirror. His t~shirt is so cute, it says, "That's it, I'm going to Grandma's". His Grandma Sue got it for him.

All is fine around here. I know we've been lame about keep up the blog.

We had a fun little playgroup yesterday w/ the Nevada Early Intervention Team and little Ethan, he's almost 3. We're getting Matthew used to being around other kids ~ healthy kids of course.
This was our third playgroup and it was quite fun and funny! Trish is wonderful for driving clear across town so Matthew can play with him during these supervised visits.

We'll go see Dr. Mayman (pediatric cardiologist) next Friday for his six month ECHO. As always, I get SO NERVOUS about those visits.

We also go see Dr. Nakamura next Thursday for a check up on the ole lungs.

Casey will be having ANOTHER ablation (cath) surgery on his heart on the 18th, not sure what time though. Hopefully he'll have better luck w/ no IV fluid dripping on the equipment cables.

Off to Beaver for a few days! We're excited about going, Matthew and I haven't been up in two months. Mom and LeRoy are going up w/ the motorhome tomorrow. It's always a good time in Beaver.


The Portas said...

Great pics! What a little cutie. I love the hat and t-shirt photo at the end. :)

I'm so happy to hear the story about him singing! Your heart must have skipped a few beats. How sweet! Good job, Matthew!

I'm sure your appt with Dr. M will go well, try not to worry. And I'll pray for Casey, too, and for good results on the 18th.

Have a good time in Beaver!

Grandma Sue said...

All the pictures are great, especially with Daddy's baseball cap. Gee, I'm not sure if you have enough on the plate - kidding of course. I will pray as always that Matthew's visit with Drs. Mayman & Nakamura will both go well. And, also for Casey that his test will go well and that he doesn't have to wait all day.

I love the play dates at your house. I don't know why I never thought of Cool Whip used to paint with. Gee, if your painting doesn't turn out - just eat the paint!

I hope you are having a great time in Beaver. I know you all love it there, especially when Grandma & Grandpa Wright join you. Hope to see more pictures.

Love, Grandma Sue