Thursday, May 08, 2008

Can you believe it!!!

Matthew will be 3 this Saturday!!

We will be having a small family get together ~ Mike has to work that day, so we figured it would be easier this time around to keep it small.

We will also be celebrating Mike's birthday and Mother's Day :-)

Matthew's Grandma Sue is flying down from California to spend a few days with us.

We will be sure to post some pictures. He got a haircut the other day, and he always seem to look so much older after a haircut.


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Matthew!

The Portas said...

You all have come so far in three years. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Matthew, you sweet little boy. Have a great time with family, you guys!!

Colin's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Matthew!! Hope you have a wonderful day. We are soooo happy to see you doing well!! Can't wait to see the pictures and hoping that you will take a bite of your birthday cake.

Melanie, Tim & Colin

Grandma W said...

I think this year Matthew will take a bite of his own birthday cake. He has surely matured a great deal these past 12 months. His sense of humor is delicious. I am always amazed at how busy he keeps himself.

Last Saturday he came over and went straight to the backyard. He unwound the garden hose, stretched it out across the lawn to where the dog was. He then pointed the nozzle at Moose and said, "come on Moosey". Moose was lucky the water was turned "OFF". Gotta love it!!!!

crabby old man said...


Jake, Amy and Luke said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! Wow, I can't believe he's a big three year old now. This past year just flew by!