Thursday, April 24, 2008

Matthew on a swing up in Beaver ~ he was loving it!
We were just toodling around the cabin.
While everyone was "being a rock star" playing Rock Band on PlayStation, Matthew crashed in this most uncomfortable position.


In_spired said...

Love the picture of MaGoo and the "pointy" finger!!

He is sooooo CUTE!!

The Portas said...

What a cutie pie. That grin is just precious!

He always seems to sleep in unusual positions. I wish I could sleep anywhere like that!

Grandma W said...

I love these pictures. About a year ago Matthew was afraid of the swing. What a diffence a few months makes in the life of a child.

Matthew is a child that likes to be in control. That pointy finger is evidence of what a little character he is.

How about that "sleep position". From what I understand there was a lot of head banging music going on at the time. Matthew goes until he passes out.......What a guy!
Love grandma wright

Kathy said...

He just more handsome everyday!
Ok...why didn't you call me back...YOU KNOW why I didn't call you back!!
I'm going to tell everyone that you live SO close and WON"T come see us!!!
Matthew will have a blast with our crazy house full of boys!!!
Talk to you soon..
smoochy moochy on Matthew for me!

Grandma Sue said...

Matthew looks so happy on the swing and just hanging out in Beaver. The weather must have really improved - no snow suits!!

Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks.

Love, Grandma Sue