Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Backhoe Driver

Up in Beaver we have this old backhoe to assist with the heavy lifting. Matthew was enthralled with it when I set him on my lap. This thing could make some serious mud pies!


Grandma W said...

Matthew and daddy on "daddy's big toy". No job is too large for these guys. As you can see, Matthew was ready to shift gears and get the show on the road. Whoa fellas, was that really the juniper you wanted "out"???? ha ha
By the way, which end is "front" on a backhoe?

Matthew loves his home in Beaver Utah as much as he does the one in Las Vegas. He is definitely an "outdoor" guy like his daddy, and as you can see, mimics his father right "up" to the backhoe.

We all watched in "awe" as Michael removed huge junipers that stood in the way of their anticipated big cabin. As always, there is "no end" to Michael's talents. There is no doubt in my mind, that Matthew will follow in his dad's footsteps. "Now, fire up this monster and lets get move'n. Do you have the key, dad?" Love my guys, grandma wright a.k.a. uma

Grandma Sue said...

Well Michael, you got your own big loader (backhoe). You always loved your little toy set when you were young. I think Matthew will be just the same. I love the way you show him everything. I'm so proud of you for being such a great Dad. Matthew just gets cuter every day.

I love you both so much. (Mom) Grandma Sue